Snooki has become the next big sensation…

inside the showbiz world during 2011 and will continue to be. Her overall appearance is seen as a short sized young woman attractive due to her personality, outgoingness, boldness and sexy look despite the fact that she does not resemble the physique of a supermodel with great assets like the majority of society expects from celebrities. Snooki remained overweight during the entire production of Jersey Shore in 2011 but a transformation occurred by the end of the same year that completely changed her body and weight.

Snooki started to post many pictures of her transformation to Twitter on a constant basis while she was on vacation with her boyfriend in Italy. Many of the pictures shocked the entire fan base of Jersey Shore that many did not expect her to lose so much weight in such a short period of time. Snooki expressed a lot of joy and satisfaction towards her new look for the new year and was more than delighted to pose for pictures and send them to her fans on Twitter and Facebook.

Trendous Transformation of Weight Loss

The entire fan base was beyond shocked by seeing her tremendous transformation and started to question how exactly Snooki was able to lose so much weight so quickly. Many search engines in the internet saw an increased level of search queries presenting “snooki weight loss” and “snooki weight loss plans” as the main queries; soon after this increased percentage of searches, many blogs around the internet started to write about Snooki’s transformation and what kind of methods, diets or weight loss aids if any had she used in order to get to that slim figure.
medically supervised weight lossSnooki was not reluctant to talk about her weight loss during interviews, talk shows and overall media. She said several times that she gave credit for all her weight loss results to the diet pill program called Zantrex 3, exercise and the cutting back of alcohol consumption. The pillZantrex 3 is manufactured by a weight loss company based in Salt Lake City that does a lot of research in the weight loss industry and sells many herbal remedies, pills, drinks and other products in order to reduce weight. Zantrex 3 is an amphetamine-free drug that contains green tea, guarana and caffeine.
The 23 pounds that Snooki lost during December 2011 in order to start the new year with a new shape and slim figure was mainly attributed to her weight loss plan description. She mentioned that during the process, she would take two Zantrex 3 pills daily and exercised two times per week for one hour at the gym. Apart from this weight loss plan, she also talked about her personal trainer assistance and the expertise that her boyfriend shares with her in order to lose weight and tone whichever part of the body that had accumulated fat.

While it may seem easy for a celebrity like Snooki to representthe beneficial effects of weight loss from the intake of a diet pill, it is also important to consider that mixed the weight loss plan with exercise. The key to any kind of program that involves weight loss has to directly link with exercise otherwise it is not going to work. Snooki combined the plan with the Zantrex 3 diet pill along with exercise to accelerate the results to a point where they worked out greatly for her and for body shape. Considering Snooki’s height of 4’’9’, it is remarkable to see the effects of this weight loss plan linked with height, which represents a great benefit for women that have a similar height as Snooki’s to try out her weight loss plan in order to achieve the same results.